Real testimonials from current WASB members

  • "WASB has given me an amazing group of people who all are as passionate about UW and being a Badger as I am."


  • "WASB members new and old inspire me to do more and dream bigger--whether that's planning an event on campus or making plans for after graduation."


  • "WASB has provided me with countless opportunities to grow as a student and prepare myself for life after madison."

  • "I coordinated 30 alumni-hosted dinners for students to share in their Badger pride."


  • "It has completely transformed my college career for the better."


  • "I think the most valuable thing I have gotten out of WASB is a great and positive support system that I will have as I finish my college career. I had just wished I had joined sooner."

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  • "I learned irreplaceable skills about what it truly means to be a leader."


  • "Being a part of WASB has forced me to develop myself outside my comfort zone. This has allowed me to become more comfortable in new situations and around new people."


  • "#WhyWASB Because I get to work with really fun, cool people to spread a message that I'm passionate about: the fact that University of Wisconsin-Madison is the best place on Earth."

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