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    • You can sign up HERE to travel off campus, get a home cooked meal, and talk to an alum about their Wisconsin Experience.

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WASB Updates

Starting the school year off with a WASBang!

Be sure to keep visiting our website and keep updated on all the great WASB opportunities throughout the year.

What Is WASB?


Wisconsin Alumni Student Board (WASB) is a student organization directly associated with the Wisconsin Alumni Association. We are comprised of 65 enthusiastic students dedicated to fulfilling our mission of “linking students past, present and future.”

We represent and celebrate the University of Wisconsin through a wide variety of programs, including Dinners On Wisconsin!, All-Campus Party, and many others.

WASB members are engaged with distinguished alumni, prospective students, university officials, and, most importantly, our fellow students.

What Do They Do?

WASB plans, markets and executes events that link Badgers past, present and future together. These events range from professional networking events, like Alumni Career Connections, to energetic, fun filled events like Dodge or Dye, a dodge ball tournament where the balls are dipped in paint.

Whether your interests lie in event planning, public relations, program development, leadership experience, or professional networking, WASB has a way for you to pursue them.

Why Should I Join?

eight reasons why you are a perfect WASB:


#1 You Love UW-Madison

You're a Badger to the core and will rep the red and white even after you graduate. The Wisconsin Alumni Student Board (WASB) is an organization centered around its one true love: UW-Madison.

#2 Meeting new people is a thrill for you

Mingling is your name, making connections is your game. And if you make new friends in the process--even better.

#3 You're the one in the group project that does most of the work

Yeah, it's awful. But you get it done and you get it done right. WASB is a group of those people planning events on campus together, so it's a breeze.

#4 Building your resume is an everyday thing

Oh, what's up LinkedIn? You like doing things that will make your life better in the long run. *cough* WASB *cough*

#5 You don't really have time to "sit around"

You like keeping busy. Aside from the occasional Netflix procrastination binge, you are usually on the go and want to make your time here count.

#6 Trying new things is one of your "Likes" on Facebook

You're open to and excited for new experiences. From event planning to sponsorship and marketing, WASB holds a variety of opportunities for you to get involved. 

#7 You want to make a difference

Doing things that matter is something that you live by. WASB helps you and your fellow Badgers get where they need to be, meet the people that can impact their future and have a blast at this great University.

#8 Work hard, play hard is your motto

With school and extracurriculars on your plate, you make sure to stay on top of your stuff. But when you finish a job and you finish it well, you rightfully celebrate in whatever way you can.   

We want YOU to be a part of our Wisconsin Tradition. Join Today! 

Still not convinced? Checkout our #WhyWASB page!

For more information contact: WASB@UWALUMNI.COM