What Are Teams?

WASB is split into four separate teams. They include: All-Campus Party, Alumni Connections, Campus & Community Outreach and Development Block.

These teams plan different events for different affiliates of UW-Madison:

  • The All-Campus Party Team brings students together to celebrate the accomplishments of the year
  • The Professional Connections Team connects students with alumni to network, learn, and form relationships
  • The Campus and Community Engagement Team raises money to donate to local charities in and around Madison
  • The Development Team creates internal events for WASB to improve the organization's relationships and leadership skills

Once on WASB, you will have the choice of which team you want to join based on your interests

The teams vary in size, but all have similar structure. For each team there are people in charge of different events, as well as marketing chairs for each team to help promote all the events. 

Do I have to stay on the same team for my whole time on WASB?

No! Teams are switched around after every semester to keep ideas fresh. You will have the opportunity to take on different roles, work with a diverse group of people, and learn from students and professionals alike.

Continue below for in-depth descriptions of the different teams on WASB!