Organization Structure

WASB is split into four separate teams. They include: All-Campus Party, Professional Connections, Campus & Community Engagement and Development Block.

These teams plan different types of events:

  • The All-Campus Party Team brings students together to celebrate the accomplishments of the year

  • The Professional Connections Team connects students with alumni to network, learn, and form relationships

  • The Campus and Community Engagement Team focuses on collaborating with neighboring organizations and businesses

  • The Development Team creates internal events for WASB to improve the organization's relationships and leadership skills

Once on WASB, members are able to choose a team depending based on individual interests

The teams vary in size, but all have similar structure. For each team there are people in charge of different events, as well as marketing chairs to help promote all the events. 

Do I have to stay on the same team for my whole time on WASB?

No! Teams are switched around after every semester to keep ideas fresh. You will have the opportunity to take on different roles, work with a diverse group of people, and learn from students and professionals alike.

Continue below for in-depth descriptions of the different teams on WASB!

Professional Connections

an undergraduate's networking dream come true

The Professional Connections Team is composed of eight students who plan events to connect students with alumni, faculty and professionals from around the country. These events range from seminars on how to become financially independent, tours of local businesses, and career-building events that link undergraduates to local professionals.

The events are like professional networking events. But less scary. With more free food. And fun.

Badger Business Tours (BBT) seeks to link together current students, alumni and local businesses. Given that our University resides in Wisconsin’s second largest city, Madison is full of successful businesses with extremely successful alumni. Our goal for the program is to build a bridge between current students and alumni who have become prominent business leaders in Madison. We hope this encourages students to stay in Madison, contribute to the community, with the ultimate goal being that this encourages active alumnihood.


Financial Independence (FI) is an event for the entire Madison community. At the beginning of second semester as current students look towards the future the AC team brings in several alumni from the financial world to discuss how to become financially competent upon the completion of college. In addition, we often see many recent grads attend the event who are still living locally. This event shows the power of alumni and their ability to be a major asset to current students and the Madison community.

Career Fair Prep Night (CFPN) is a WASB sponsored event designed to help students prepare for the L&S Career Fair. At Career Fair Prep participants are able to hear from a professional speaker and receive group and one-on-one resume feedback. Following the presentation, College of Letters and Sciences Career Services representatives along with some of the UW-Madison alumni will be available to offer students feedback on their resumes. The event is a great opportunity to make connections with future employers. Maximize your experience at Career Fair Prep and positively prepare for future employment!


All-Campus Party

Bucky's Favorite Holiday


The All-Campus Party team works to create a week-long celebration on UW-Madison's campus to celebrate students, faculty and staff! Each spring, the Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA) and WASB team up with student organizations, businesses and national corporations to sponsor All-Campus Party (ACP).

ACP is the nation’s largest cost-free and alcohol-alternative campus celebration, and it is created for students by students. Through our 6 headlining events (Bucky’s Urban Odyssey, Breakfast with Bucky, Badgers Chalk the Block, Day of Service, Mad City Spotlight and Lake Street Bash), All-Campus Party celebrates the end of the school year, onset of spring, and the enthusiasm of the campus community.

With the eclectic selection of events, there is something for everyone to enjoy during All-Campus Party.  Whether it is starting off your week with free bagels on Bascom Hill or jamming out to the local Madison music scene at Mad City Spotlight, you are bound to have a great time.  Plus, you can’t go wrong when everything is free!

For a list of events, dates, and times, head over to our All-Campus Party Website.

Campus & Community Engagement

Bringing Badger Spirit to the community

The Campus & Community Outreach team does not believe that Badger Spirit ends at campus borders. The team is composed of 8 students who create events to raise money, bring awareness to a cause, or engage the community. The events range from having the entire freshman class of UW create a W on the field of Camp Randall to a celebration of UW's Founding in 1848.

Founders' Day is a day that celebrates the birth of the University of Wisconsin, but also celebrates its current students. WASB hands out cake to all students to show gratitude because, after all, students are what make UW great! The event offers an opportunity for students to showcase their talents and what they bring to this university.

The W Project is an event aimed at engaging all new students on campus. The students get a red shirt, watch the band’s 5th quarter show, and make a giant "W" on the field of Camp Randall. The goal is to show students the strong sense of community that their fellow Badgers rally around. Students get an opportunity to experience the football field and the band’s show in a more intimate setting. They get to be a part of an iconic image, the Wisconsin W on the football field. They can show their family and friends this special memento.

Bend It Like Bucky is a great WASB event that brings students together for a day of health and wellness! Located on Library mall, the goal of this event is to inform the Badger community about the health resources on campus, promote healthy habits, and create an inclusive space for everyone. This event includes representation from various health oriented student groups, free yoga class, and free tea!

Dinners on Wisconsin (DOW) is one of WASB’s signature events where students go to an alumni’s home or a local Madison establishment to discuss their current Wisconsin experience. It is a great way for not just alumni to hear about what is happening at the University, but also for current students to network with alumni and discover how they turned a degree from Wisconsin into a successful post-undergrad life. DOW is hosted twice a year, once in November and once in March. We greatly appreciate current hosts, and are always looking to add more!

Development Team

HELPING WASB movE all ways forward

The Development Block works to see that WASB is constantly learning and growing. The group creates internal events for WASB members to build on both their leadership and professional skillsets.

New Member Recruitment Chairs is an essential, internal aspect of WASB. Whether it's manning the table at the student organization fair at the Kohl Center or standing up in front of a 300 person lecture wearing your rugby talking about WASB applications, we are always on the hunt for members to carry on our mission. Recruitment occupies most of the semester until applications close near the end and we hold crucial interviews to build the next generation of WASBs. Our application opens Friday, November 6th and closes Sunday, November 29th. If you have any questions about WASB or how to apply, email New Member Recruitment or come to our information session Monday, November 9th to learn more.

Social Chair builds camaraderie and strengthens the WASB community by organizing gatherings and events for the organization.  We try to do a variety of events that appeal to everyone's interests. This ranges from hiking at Devils Lake to having ice cream gatherings at the terrace. It's a great job to see how many peoples friendships strengthen during these events.

Parents Weekend Chairs plans WASB's weekend to coincide with the UW-Madison Parents Weekend. The event is focused around showing the relatives of current WASB members what we do here on campus and the different events their kids plan. Throughout the weekend there’s a dinner banquet and exclusive football game tickets with the parents. Our job is to make sure that parents not only leave with a full understanding of what WASB does here on campus, but make sure they want to come back the next year!

Badger Buddy Coordinator heads the Badger Buddy Program, which is a proud tradition of WASB that pairs all New Members with a veteran WASB. The Badger Buddy Coordinator plans mostly social activities to promote cohesion between the New Members and their respective Badger Buddies.

Senior Banquet is hosted once a semester and is a time for WASB to gather to honor all of our graduating seniors. Planning this event is a great experience learning how work with local businesses to find a location and plan an event. The real reward though is being able to fully recognize all the hard work our graduating seniors put into our organization!