When WASBs Collide

WASB wedding, 2012, Olin Park in Madison. 

WASB wedding, 2012, Olin Park in Madison. 

Lindsay and Adam, Badgers forever!

Lindsay and Adam, Badgers forever!

Hello WASB Alumni!

Lindsay and I met as members of WASB in Spring of 2005, and although we don’t wear our rugbies anymore, the iconic long-sleeved polos remain prominently displayed in our closet, serving as a constant reminder of the great student organization that brought us together.

After graduating from UW-Madison in ’05 and ‘06, we both earned master’s degrees in Higher Education Administration from Loyola University Chicago. Since leaving graduate school, we have built our careers in higher education administration; myself in philanthropy and Lindsay in student career coaching. Lindsay has also turned her passion into an entrepreneurial endeavor – LWK Coaching, LLC.

With both of us continuing to work in higher education back here at UW-Madison, we have gained an even greater appreciation for the immensely positive impact WASB had on our collegiate experience. As members of WASB, we met so many unique, ambitious, fun, and smart people.  Many of the friendships we made as members of WASB are still very strong today.

In Fall of 2014, when we were asked to host a Dinners On Wisconsin (DOW) event, we quickly agreed. We ultimately hosted a dinner for seven UW-Madison students at our home in Madison. During dinner we had a chance to learn more about the students’ unique backgrounds and their career aspirations.

We really enjoyed hosting the dinner and would highly encourage other alumni to host a future DOW event. WASB and UW-Madison have added so much positivity to our lives, so it was really meaningful to have an opportunity to engage with current WASBies and other terrific UW-Madison students. We are also thrilled to share that we're expecting our first child this fall, and can't wait to welcome the newest mini-WASB! 

On, Wisconsin!

Lindsay ’06 and Adam Kindschy ’05

Homecoming Spotlight: Natalie Ahern

Natalie reps Homecoming in her 'dubs' on the Camp Randall field during halftime. 

Natalie reps Homecoming in her 'dubs' on the Camp Randall field during halftime. 

Eager to learn more about this year's leadership team? Look no further! 

Natalie is the current Homecoming VP. She's one of the biggest personalities on Homecoming and has fantastic, creative ideas. She's proudly from La Crosse, WI and is studying Marketing. As a true Badger, Natalie's Wisconsin experience started with Badger Day at the State Fair, leading her to the Homecoming Committee her Freshman year, with continued involvement in the Student Faculty Board and Mu Kappa Tau (Professional Marketing Society). Natalie has also worked at The University Book Store, and is spending her summer as a marketing intern with Emmi Roth USA. When she isn’t busy overseeing Homecoming, Natalie loves to read, run, and spend time at the terrace.

A Year in Review: Success Stories

Virgil Abloh and Gabriel Stuhl are featured at the 2015 Homecoming RED Talk.

Virgil Abloh and Gabriel Stuhl are featured at the 2015 Homecoming RED Talk.

WOW! A snapshot of our year, by the numbers:

110 attendees at WASB's annual event Financial Independence 

$2000 memorial scholarship provided at Lake St. Bash as part of WASB's All-Campus Party (ACP) 

800 tickets reserved for Homecoming RED Talk 

500 runners in the first annual Homecoming Light of the Moon 5K

450 appreciation postcards for ACP’s Day of Service - a new partnership with the Morgridge Center

1 viral hashtag for WASB's Founders’ Day: #UW1849

3,452 livestream facebook views during ACP week

12,390+ hours served by Homecoming and WASB students this year

Want more WASB and Homecoming? Social media: WASB Facebook & Instagram + Homecoming Facebook and Instagram 

Making Memories: WASB and Homecoming

A reusable chalk wall serves as the backdrop for a new ACP event where Badgers can celebrate favorite traditions.

A reusable chalk wall serves as the backdrop for a new ACP event where Badgers can celebrate favorite traditions.

Learn more about Homecoming from Rheann Engelke, Homecoming President, Class of 2018:

Last year was an exciting Homecoming week with new events like digital trivia, a mini spirit parade at American Family Children's Hospital, and our first ever Light of the Moon 5k. We are keeping the ball rolling by enhancing previous events and thinking of new possibilities. We have also refocused our mission to make Homecoming week more community-oriented, featuring events where current students, alumni and community members can celebrate UW together. Our relationship with the Children’s Hospital allows us to honor a child as Mini Parade Marshal, and we pay tribute to student achievement by providing six scholarships for outstanding Seniors in the fall. Our 40-person committee is working non-stop in order to pull off creative ideas and accomplish our goal of bringing all of Madison together for this one epic week! Check out our social media at @HomecomingatUW or @Homecoming_UW. Thanks! 

Check out WASB highlights from Kristen Grilli, Past WASB President, Class of 2016: 

The 2015-2016 school year was a thrill for WASB with two successful new All-Campus Party events (the Day of Service and Badgers Chalk the Block), and a team of incredibly dedicated new members. WASB kicked off Spring semester with Founders’ Day on February 5th, where all students and alumni were encouraged to post on social media why they love UW using #UW1849. On Facebook, we increased last year’s 244 reaches to 86,000 this year - unbelievable! WASB was even featured on the local news because of the success! We also continue with favorite campus and alumni engagement events including Dinners On Wisconsin, Madison After Class and the W Project. If you are in Madison, we would love to connect with alumni for our networking events, so please follow us on social media: @gowasb, or email StudentAdvisor@supportuw.org to let us know you're in town!




Welcome Home to One Alumni Place

Rendering of One Alumni Place, your Alumni home overlooking Lake Mendota beginning Spring 2017.  

Rendering of One Alumni Place, your Alumni home overlooking Lake Mendota beginning Spring 2017.  

Greetings from the shores of Lake Mendota on the UW campus, where summer is holding sway, and the city of Madison is buzzing with the usual seasonal activity. Throughout the school year, I love seeing and interacting with students on campus, but I have to admit that the summers here are pretty wonderful. Many of our students are away, but the newly reopened Memorial Union Terrace and the beautiful scenery of a campus in full bloom make it a great place to work each day. If you spent a summer here on campus, I’m sure you can relate.

If you do make it back to campus for a visit this summer, you’ll notice that change is happening everywhere, and at WAA it’s no different. Two summers ago, we became part of the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association, a newly formed organization that comprises the Wisconsin Alumni Association® and the UW Foundation. We are excited about this new structure and confident that it will deliver better service to our alumni, our chapter leaders and our university.

The Below Alumni Center has gone through a number of changes as well. We have renovated our office spaces, created a new space for alumni called One Alumni Place, and we are in the process of bringing a long-held dream to reality by creating Alumni Park, a beautiful green space on the lakeshore, between the Memorial Union and the Red Gym.

One Alumni Place will be the home for grads as they return to campus: a visitor center with information about what’s going on, a lounge where you can get a cup of coffee, a multi-purpose gathering space for alumni events, and a rooftop terrace, where Badgers can come together. Alumni Park will create a lakefront green space devoted to celebrating our alumni who fulfill the Wisconsin Idea: the principle that the University should benefit people throughout Wisconsin and beyond. Construction has been underway since the summer of 2015. Alumni Park will be completed in late 2016, with grand opening celebrations in spring, 2017.

Lots of changes for sure, however, one thing that hasn’t changed is that the “A House” is as much your home now as it was when you were a student. And I know that your pride and affection for the university are as strong as ever. I hope you will continue to support your alma mater and stay connected. This e-newsletter is just one way we hope to foster that connection.

Now, go have an unforgettable fall season.

On, Wisconsin!

Jeff Wendorf ’82
Vice President, Alumni Relations