Development Team

Making Sure WASB is moving all ways forward

The Development Block is composed of 8 students who make sure WASB is constantly learning, growing and reaching its full potential. The team focuses on the internal functions of WASB by recruiting new members, planning social events and making sure every WASB is having the best time they can.

New Member Recruitment Chairs is an essential, internal aspect of WASB. Whether it's manning the table at the student organization fair at the Kohl Center or standing up in front of a 300 person lecture wearing your rugby talking about WASB applications, we are always on the hunt for members to carry on our mission. Recruitment occupies most of the semester until applications close near the end and we hold crucial interviews to build the next generation of WASBs. Our application opens Friday, November 6th and closes Sunday, November 29th. If you have any questions about WASB or how to apply, email New Member Recruitment or come to our information session Monday, November 9th to learn more.

Social Chair builds camaraderie and strengthens the WASB community by organizing gatherings and events for the organization.  We try to do a variety of events that appeal to everyone's interests. This ranges from hiking at Devils Lake to having ice cream gatherings at the terrace. It's a great job to see how many peoples friendships strengthen during these events.

Parents Weekend Chairs plans WASB's weekend to coincide with the UW-Madison Parents Weekend. The event is focused around showing the relatives of current WASB members what we do here on campus and the different events their kids plan. Throughout the weekend there’s a dinner banquet and exclusive football game tickets with the parents. Our job is to make sure that parents not only leave with a full understanding of what WASB does here on campus, but make sure they want to come back the next year!

Badger Buddy Coordinator heads the Badger Buddy Program, which is a proud tradition of WASB that pairs all New Members with a veteran WASB. The Badger Buddy Coordinator plans mostly social activities to promote cohesion between the New Members and their respective Badger Buddies.

Senior Banquet is hosted once a semester and is a time for WASB to gather to honor all of our graduating seniors. Planning this event is a great experience learning how work with local businesses to find a location and plan an event. The real reward though is being able to fully recognize all the hard work our graduating seniors put into our organization!