Campus & Community Engagement

Bringing Badger Spirit to the community

The Campus & Community Outreach team does not believe that Badger Spirit ends at campus borders. The team is composed of 8 students who create events to raise money, bring awareness to a cause, or engage the community. The events range from having the entire freshman class of UW create a W on the field of Camp Randall to a celebration of UW's Founding in 1848.

Founders' Day is a day that celebrates the birth of the University of Wisconsin, but also celebrates its current students. WASB hands out cake to all students to show gratitude because, after all, students are what make UW great! The event offers an opportunity for students to showcase their talents and what they bring to this university.

The W Project is an event aimed at engaging all new students on campus. The students get a red shirt, watch the band’s 5th quarter show, and make a giant "W" on the field of Camp Randall. The goal is to show students the strong sense of community that their fellow Badgers rally around. Students get an opportunity to experience the football field and the band’s show in a more intimate setting. They get to be a part of an iconic image, the Wisconsin W on the football field. They can show their family and friends this special memento.

Bend It Like Bucky is a great WASB event that brings students together for a day of health and wellness! Located on Library mall, the goal of this event is to inform the badger community about the health resources on campus, promote healthy habits, and create an inclusive space for everyone. This event includes representation from various health oriented student groups, free yoga class, and free tea!